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Steel wire tensile test scheme of 10 ton electronic universal testing machine

Company name: a companyMaterial name: steel wireExecutive standard: GB / T228-2002Sample parameters: gauge distance / span, gauge distance between clamping openings 200mmTest speed: 3-5mm / minTest method: tensileExtensome…...

GB/T1040. 3-2006 tensile test scheme of plastic film sheet

Company name: a companyMaterial name: FilmExecutive standard: GB / t1040 3-2006Sample parameters: Gauge / span 25mmTest speed: 20mm / minTest method: tensileExtensometer: large deformationFixture: hinge fixtureTest equipme…...

Tensile test report of rubber sheet of Guangzhou refrigerator

Company name: Guangzhou refrigerator Co., LtdMaterial name: rubber sheetExecutive standard:Sample parameters: width 6mm, thickness 2.1mmTest speed: 200mm / minTest method: tensileFixture: 3T wedge tensile fixtureTest equip…...

Copper plate tensile test method of an electrical group

Company name: Hunan Electric GroupMaterial name: copper plateExecutive standard: GB / T228-2002Test speed: 20mm / minTest method: tensileFixture: 10t wedge-shaped tensile fixture, equipped with 0-8mm flat clamping blockTes…...

Mechanical property test of screws and bolts

Company name: a fastener companyMaterial name: high strength boltExecutive standard: GB / T228-2002Test speed: 2mm / minTest method: tensileTest equipment: bolt and screw tensile testing machine cmt5000Fixture: special ten…...

Tension test scheme of binding wire for household appliance industry

Company name: a home appliance enterpriseMaterial name: binding wireExecutive standard:Test speed: 20mm / minTest method: tensileFixture: wire drawing fixtureTest equipment: one electronic tensile testing machineSample pre…...