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Tensile test report of rubber sheet of Guangzhou refrigerator

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.15
Informative abstract:

Company name: Guangzhou refrigerator Co., Ltd

Material name: rubber sheet

Executive standard:

Sample parameters: width 6mm, thickness 2.1mm

Test speed: 200mm / min

Test method: tensile

Fixture: 3T wedge tensile fixture

Test equipment: rubber tensile testing machine

Sample preparation requirements:

Test scheme: ① select 3T wedge-shaped tensile fixture with 0-6mm flat clamping block:

② Clamp the sample into the fixture and clear it:

③ Set the speed to 200 mm / min until the end of the test:

④ Print inspection report

Content of rubber sheet tensile test report: ① size ② tensile strength ③ tensile strength ④ sectional area


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