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Tsinghua University

In October 2018, Sansi Taijie and Tsinghua University reached a consensus on the cooperative development of "digital dynamic thermomechanical analyzer for ceramic shell / core materials", which marked that Sansi …...

Northwest University of Technology

Northwest University of technology, referred to as West University of technology, is an important scientific research base in China's aerospace field and an important partner of Sansi Taijie in the field of Superalloy test…...

Central South University

Our cooperation with Central South University has lasted for more than ten years. As early as 2012, the two sides signed a joint technology development agreement and jointly developed a special creep relaxation testing mac…...

Beijing University of science and technology

Our company has many years of cooperation with Beijing University of science and technology, and we have provided more than 10 sets of equipment for it for many times.Equipment includes:Cmt5204-g high temperature electroni…...

Zhejiang University

On November 10, 2018, the project of five high temperature endurance creep testing machines developed by Sansi Taijie for the Institute of superalloys of Zhejiang University was delivered and accepted.The Institute of supe…...