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Northwest University of Technology

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.13
Informative abstract:

Northwest University of technology, referred to as West University of technology, is an important scientific research base in China's aerospace field and an important partner of Sansi Taijie in the field of Superalloy testing.

The West University of technology was merged and established by the former Northwest Institute of technology and Xi'an Institute of Aeronautics, and then the Department of Aeronautical Engineering of the Military Engineering College of the Chinese people's Liberation Army was merged as a whole. It is the only national key university in China that simultaneously develops aviation, aerospace and navigation (three navigation) engineering education and scientific research.

The school of materials of West Polytechnic University has a prominent influence in the field of metal materials research in China, especially in the research of alloy materials involved in aerospace, with national first-class scientific research ability. There are two high temperature creep endurance testing machines specially customized by Sansi Taijie in the school of materials of West University of technology, which are mainly used for scientific research on high temperature aluminum alloy materials.

The picture shows the site of the equipment in the laboratory of the school of materials, Northwest University of technology. 

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