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Hengyang Steel Pipe Group

Hengyang Steel Pipe Group, located in Hunan Province, is a partner of our company in the field of metal testing for many years.The two sides have a history of cooperation for more than ten years, and Sansi Taijie has also …...

Hitachi Elevator

Sansi Taijie is the main partner of Hitachi Elevator material testing in China. Over the years, the two sides have cooperated frequently, and various types of metal and non-metallic material testing machines have been deli…...

Panchang special steel

Great Wall Special Steel Company under Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group is our partner for many years. Our company has delivered dozens of equipment for it. Among them, there are both mechanical high-temperature endurance te…...

Yili Group

Our cooperation with Yili Group has lasted for more than 10 years and has delivered more than 25 sets of equipment. Our company is the main supplier of Yili Group's testing machine equipment.Yili Group is a domestic dairy …...

Jiangxi Copper Corporation

Jiangxi Copper Group is the largest copper industrial production base in China and an important producer of gold, silver and sulfur chemical raw materials. It is also the largest enterprise in Jiangxi Province.Since 2012, …...