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SUST, China material testing machine professional manufacturers, its predecessor can be traced back to Gansu Tianshui, is one of the earlier private testing machine enterprises. Over the years, SUST for many domestic industries to provide cost-effective products, involving a variety of metal, non-metal, composite materials and other fields, become the preferred partner of Chinese users material testing! Products are widely used in different environmental conditions, various materials and components of the mechanical properties of testing, at home and abroad for thousands of users to provide services.

In the 1990s, the company moved to Zhuhai. In 2010, the company restructured and started a new operation.

Headquartered in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, SUST has specialized production and measurement and testing equipment. The company has adopted advanced management mode and obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification. In accordance with the requirements of the national measurement production unit to establish a sound measurement assurance system, each testing machine must go through strict quality testing before leaving the factory, to ensure that customers can provide assured, satisfied products.

SUST is starting a second venture. The company pursues the craftsman spirit, takes the user experience as the core, aspires to create the professional and profound, through continuous innovation and in-depth cooperation with users to continuously improve products, so as to establish the long-term trust of users to the brand.

Our definition of brand success may be different, and our goal is -- Repurchase rate, that is, the lowest user churn rate.

三思泰捷,是国内领先的试验机制造商,其前身可追溯至甘肃天水,是国内最早的民营试验机企业之一。 多年以来,三思泰捷为国内众多行业领域提供着高性价比的产品,涉及各种金属、非金属、复合材料等领域,成为中国用户材料测试的优选伙伴! 三思泰捷的产品被广泛应用于不同环境条件下、各种材料及构件的力学性能测试,在国内外为数以千计的用户提供着服务。公司于九十年代搬迁到珠海,2010年公司实施重组并开始全新运营。