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Chinese Academy of Sciences

As the highest palace of mechanical research in China, the Institute of mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded in 1956, is a comprehensive national mechanical research base based on Mr. Qian Xuesen's enginee…...

CSIC 702 Research Institute

In 2017, our company cooperated with CSIC 702 Research Institute to develop a model ice axial compression strength measurement system.CSIC 702 Research Institute (also known as China Shipbuilding Science Research Center) i…...

Guilin Electric Appliance Research Institute

桂林电器科学研究院是国内重要的电工材料、成套设备及电机研发生产基地,是我国电工行业的权威单位。Over the years, Guilin Electric Power Research Institute has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Sansi Taijie. Many …...

Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is an old user of Sansi Taijie. At the end of 2017, the two sides began to cooperate to develop special testing machines…...

Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute

In mid-2018, our company won the bid for the project of high temperature endurance creep testing machine of Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, and developed four special equipment for it.Northwest Nonferrous M…...