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Guilin Electric Appliance Research Institute

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.13
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Over the years, Guilin Electric Power Research Institute has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Sansi Taijie. Many sets of equipment such as 10 ton high and low temperature testing machine, 3 ton high and low temperature testing machine and 1 ton electronic universal testing machine are in use.

Guilin electric power research institute takes electrical contact materials, electrical plastics, biaxially stretched polyimide film, film complete sets of equipment and special motors as its business leadership, and its business scope includes new electrical materials (including contact materials, insulating materials, magnetic materials, film materials, electrical plastics, etc.); Special motor and electric wheel hub; Electron beam device and vacuum heating furnace; Mechatronics equipment and mold design and manufacturing: transformer; Electrical material product testing and instrument manufacturing, etc. In addition, the quality supervision and testing center of electrical materials products in the machinery industry (the insulating materials product accreditation Laboratory of the State Administration for import and export commodity inspection) is affiliated with this unit.


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