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Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.13
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Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is an old user of Sansi Taijie. At the end of 2017, the two sides began to cooperate to develop special testing machines for scientific research on carbon fiber and carbon materials.

Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, formerly known as the Coal Research Office of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is China's national scientific research team in the field of coal. The Institute has a number of national key laboratories, including Yangzhou carbon fiber engineering technology center, State Key Laboratory of coal conversion, National Engineering Laboratory of indirect coal liquefaction, National Engineering Laboratory of carbon fiber preparation technology, Shanxi Coal Chemical Technology International R & D center, Key Laboratory of carbon materials of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shanxi Province), Shanxi carbon fiber and composite engineering technology research center Shanxi biological refining engineering technology research and other national R & D units.

The Institute has complete scientific research and testing instruments and equipment, and Sansi Taijie's testing machine is one of them. It is believed that the addition of Sansi Taijie products will help users further improve their strength in the field of material scientific research and help the development of relevant new materials in China. The picture shows the equipment site.


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