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Our testing machine is stationed in Guangdong Jihua laboratory

Author: Source: Release date: 2021.11.09
Informative abstract:

Not long ago, we came to Jihua laboratory in Foshan, Guangdong Province and delivered the testing machine and equipment to it.

Jihua laboratory, the full name of Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of advanced manufacturing science and technology, is one of the first four laboratories in Guangdong Province launched by Guangdong provincial Party committee and provincial government. Cao Jianlin, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, served as the first director. The laboratory is located in the central area of the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan in Sanlong Bay, Foshan, 13 kilometers away from the Guangdong provincial government, covering an overall area of 1000 mu. The total investment in the first five-year construction period shall not be less than 5.5 billion yuan.

Jihua laboratory has identified six disciplines including optical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, material science and engineering and biomedical engineering, and deployed eight research directions including robot and its key technology, semiconductor technology and equipment, high-end medical equipment, new display equipment, advanced remote sensing equipment, additive manufacturing, Research on new materials and new devices, and micro nano manufacturing.

Jihua laboratory has formed a scientific research team with academicians of the National Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the backbone, and has achieved a number of major scientific research achievements. The condition guarantee of the laboratory, that is, the construction of instrument and equipment platform, is also in progress simultaneously.

The equipment delivered this time is Sansi Taijie cmt5000 electronic universal testing machine, which is customized and developed according to the scientific research needs of Jihua laboratory. After the delivery of the equipment, the formation of relevant scientific research and testing conditions will be fully guaranteed. The picture shows the equipment site.


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