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GB/T1040. 3-2006 tensile test scheme of plastic film sheet

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.15
Informative abstract:

Company name: a company

Material name: Film

Executive standard: GB / t1040 3-2006

Sample parameters: Gauge / span 25mm

Test speed: 20mm / min

Test method: tensile

Extensometer: large deformation

Fixture: hinge fixture

Test equipment: film tensile testing machine

Sample preparation requirements:

Test scheme: ① prepare the sample according to the standard, make the gauge distance, and measure the sample size:

② Cmt-1104 testing machine is selected to cooperate with page tools and large deformation:

③ Clamp the sample into the fixture and set the speed of 20mm / min:

④ After running the specimen until the deformation position is cleared:

④ Issue test report:

Report content of film tensile testing machine:

① Dimension ② maximum force ③ tensile strength ④ elongation ⑤ force value deformation curve


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