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Mechanical property test of screws and bolts

Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.15
Informative abstract:

Company name: a fastener company
Material name: high strength bolt
Executive standard: GB / T228-2002
Test speed: 2mm / min
Test method: tensile
Test equipment: bolt and screw tensile testing machine cmt5000
Fixture: special tensile fixture (bolt)
Test equipment:

Test scheme: ① install the sample with a special fixture for bolts and place it in the hydraulic fixture:

② Please clamp the lower clamp after zero, and run at the speed of 2 mm / min after breaking force until the sample is broken:

③ Remove the sample and issue the report

Content of tensile test report of bolts and screws: maximum force and tensile strength

Characteristic curve of bolt and screw tensile test:


reference resources:

Screws and bolts belong to fasteners. Due to different shapes and sizes and large load requirements, the difficulty of tensile test is increased. Also test the thread quality and fastener head strength.

Sansi Taijie's large tonnage tensile testing machine can fully meet the requirements of tensile testing of fasteners such as screws and bolts.

The national standard "GB / T 3098.1-2010 mechanical properties of fasteners bolts, screws and studs" has been implemented since October 1, 2011, replacing the original GB / T 3098.1-2000 standard.

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