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Author: Source: Release date: 2020.10.13
Informative abstract:

In the automotive industry, there are strict requirements for test technology, and the test machine is also widely used. Sansi Taijie has many applications in the field of automobile and spare parts quality inspection and testing for many years. China Automotive Technology Research Institute in Tianjin is one of the representatives.

China Automotive Technology Research Center is a scientific research institute established with the approval of the State Science and Technology Commission. It is the only technology centralized unit in China's automotive industry and the technical support organization of the competent department of the national government.

Focusing on the national management of automobile product safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and anti-theft, the center has successively built more than ten laboratories, including automobile emission laboratory, automobile real vehicle collision laboratory, automobile safety laboratory, automobile lighting and Vision Laboratory, engine laboratory, automobile parts laboratory, automobile complete vehicle laboratory, gas vehicle inspection laboratory, parts electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and so on.

The picture shows the test machine of Sansi Taijie in the laboratory.

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