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1000kN (100t) electro-hydraulic servo testing machine

1000kN (100t) force value, hydraulic type, used for mechanical testing of metal and other materials

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Product use


WAW-1000B microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine is a product with strong versatility, which can meet various standard tests specified in the national regulations on metal tensile test, and can also achieve tensile, compression, bending, shear and other types of tests for different materials or products according to other standards. It can obtain the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus and other performance indicators of the measured materials, It can realize the closed-loop control of constant rate loading, constant rate deformation, constant rate displacement, constant rate strain, etc. It can also carry out the process qualification performance verification test of materials or products.

The host machine of this product is a double space structure. There is a tensile space between the upper beam and the lower beam, and a compression space between the lower beam and the test bench. The test space is automatically adjusted by driving the lower beam to move up and down through the rotation of the sprocket and the lead screw. The upper and lower crossbeams are equipped with built-in hydraulic control wedge-shaped clamping jaws, and the standard models are equipped with V-shaped and planar clamping blocks to clamp cylindrical and flat samples for tensile tests; The bottom end of the lower crossbeam of the standard model is equipped with an upper pressing plate, and the test bench is equipped with a lower pressing plate with a spherical pair, which can directly conduct compression tests.

The design of the mainframe of the testing machine takes into account the possibility of expanding the assembly of other fixtures to complete more tests. For example, bolt clamps can be used for tensile and load holding of bolts, bending clamps can be used for bending tests of round rods or plates, shear clamps can be used for shear strength tests of round rods, and compression space can be used for corresponding tests of concrete and cement samples with bending, shearing, splitting, elastic modulus meters, etc. In addition, steel balls, anchor chains, fasteners and other clamps can be used to complete various tests of the product.

Product features


The host of WAW-1000B microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is a six column frame structure, with the main oil cylinder placed under it. The main structure is composed of base, oil cylinder, test bench, lower beam, upper beam, lead screw, smooth screw and other parts. The base is equipped with a lead screw drive and transmission mechanism, which can drive the lower crossbeam to move up and down through the rotation of the lead screw to adjust the test space. The end of the piston of the main oil cylinder is equipped with a load sensor. The oil cylinder is stretched by moving up the high-precision load sensor, test bench, column and upper beam. The same action can complete the compression test between the test bench and lower beam.

The machine design has been fully considered in terms of aesthetics, convenience and safety. For example, inching the lower crossbeam lifting and lowering buttons on the manual operation box makes the control flexible, and the test space adjustment convenient and fast; Full open wedge jaw, the clamping force of the sample increases synchronously with the stretching force, the clamping is reliable, and the jaw cleaning is convenient; The surface of the polished rod is chrome plated and polished, beautiful and rust proof; The jaw of the upper and lower crossbeams is equipped with a built-in small oil cylinder, which is safer, more reliable, longer in life, oil tight, beautiful in appearance, and easier to operate than the external clamping oil cylinder.

Product pictures



main parameter


Specification and model WAW-1000B

Accuracy class 1 (expandable to class 0.5)

Measuring range of testing machine 0.4%~100% FS (full scale)

Number of columns: 6 columns

Test space tensile space 850mm, compression space 700mm

Clamping range Clamping range of round specimen Φ 15- Φ 55mm, plate sample clamping range 2-40mm

Boundary dimension 1064 × eight hundred and sixty-six × 2705mm

Power three-phase five wire system

Power 2.5kW

Main engine weight 4000kg

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